WL MINT DATE: Friday 17, 5pm EST (10pm GMT)
PUBLIC: Friday 17, 10pm EST

Not too long ago, people realized that the path to prosperity is to relocate to a farm. Some have bought sheep, some land but many ended up with nothing.

Now there is a new hive in the countryside and the sweet sweet smell of $HONEY is wafting around the Metaverse. The Bees are buzzing and the rewards for playing are amber gold. But there is a catch. Where there are bees, there are bears, and bears like nothing more than stealing your $HONEY. The longer your hive goes unnoticed from the troublesome bears and greedy beekeepers, the sweeter your rewards.

The Bees, Bears and Beekeepers live on the Ethereum network as ERC-721 tokens. $HONEY is there too as ERC-20.

10,000 NFTs will be available for mint as a Generation 0: 90% Bees, 9% Bears, 1% Beekeepers for 0.06 ETH.

The farm also accepts $HONEY and $WOOL. Yes, Wolf.game players, you can use your $WOOL to enter the Beehive. We’re changing the landscape, harvesting the pollen and re-imagining play-to-earn. Additional 30k of Generation 1 will be possible to mint for $HONEY.

Master Beekeeper has held several Giveaways both for WL spots and free mints (by distributing $HONEY). Check your status by connecting your MetaMask wallet:

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What is Cryptobees about

CryptoBees is 100% on-chain NFT P2E game that’s expanding the existing Farm Metaverse on Ethereum blockchain (for now by allowing to ming Gen 0 for $wool, but more to come).

And more importantly - it’s more interactive. It’s not another game where you just stake and pay (or receive) 20% tax. In order to get your hands on $HONEY, you need to make decisions. Like, staying or leaving the hive (and claiming $HONEY). Or which hive to attack as a Bear. Or how much $HONEY to steal as a Beekeeper.

As a Bee: you need to decide which hive to join. The older the hive the more $HONEY it produces for each Bee. And as the $HONEY supply grows in the hive it attracts more Bears and more Bears means you can lose all the $HONEY. Do you leave or stay one more day?

As a Bear: you’re not getting 20% tax $HONEY just by being a Bear. You need to decide which hive you attack. There is a fair chance you might get some $HONEY but after each attempt you must wait before the next one. How long? That depends on how old was the hive you attacked. The older the hive the longer the wait.

As a Beekeeper: you need to decide how much $HONEY you’re going to take away from the Bees. 10%? There is a fair chance you’ll get it. 50%? There is a very small chance you’ll get it. You decide how greedy you want to be.

In a nutshell

• There are 3 types of NFTs: Bees (90%), Bears (9%) and Beekeepers (1%).
• There are 10k of Gen 0 and 30k of Gen 1 (mint for $HONEY).
• Everything is functional at the launch. No empty roadmaps and promises.
• Bees can be staked in a specific beehive to produce $HONEY. The "older" the beehive the more $HONEY it produces for the bee.
• Bears can attack a specific beehive, the older the beehive the more honey there is and more bears it attracts. After the attack the Bear needs to wait before another one. The older the hive the longer the wait.
• Once a bear successfully attacks a hive he gets all the honey from 5% of bees (those bees lose all their unclaimed $HONEY).
• After 7th successful attack, all honey is lost and the rate of honey production is restarted and begins over again with the base rate of honey production.
• Beekeepers can go and decide how much honey they want to take from any available hive (24 hours since other beekeeper took honey). The more they want to take the smaller is the chance for success. After the steal attempt they must wait before another one.
• After honey is stolen by a bear, the hive is protected from bears for 48 hours, but it starts all over again with the base rate of honey production.
• There are as many beehives as there are Beekeepers, so initially 100 hives. Each hive can host up to 100 Bees.

Minting & costs

10,000 NFTs will be available for mint as a Generation 0 for 0.06 ETH.

The farm also accepts $HONEY and $WOOL. Yes, Wolf.game players, you can use your $WOOL to enter the Beehive. We're expanding the existing farm metaverse and it only makes sense to allow minting for $wool. Minting of Gen 0 with $honey will be available to those who win $honey in giveaways. All minting will start at the same time (TBD). In the first 12 hours whitelisted addresses will be able to mint at discounted prices.

When is the initial mint?

WL presale: Thursday 16, 5pm EST - 10pm EST
WL price: 0.055 ETH

Public sale start: Thursday 16, 10pm EST
Public price: 0.06 ETH

What are the differences to existing similar NFT games?

While we're inpsired by the Wolf Game we're featuring different game mechanics. There are 3 types of characters and the player is in control of the reward/risk ratio. If they want to gain more they have to risk more and maybe end up with nothing.

What is the outcome/end game? What's after?

We see so much potential in the Farm Metaverse. Our goal is to significantly contribute to it. This is our first step together with expanding utility of the $WOOL token by allowing mint of Gen 0 for $WOOL.

Smart contract exploits

We're closely watching launches of other NFT games that rely on randomness and one after another are having problems, many have stopped or paused minting. Randomness on the blockchain is not an easy thing, but it would be downright irresponsible from us if we released an exploitable game.

We'd like you to know that besides making a fun and polished game and engaging with the community here, making sure the game cannot be exploited is our top priority. We're in touch with industry experts, some who's helped with other recent projects. We'll be posting more detailed information about this in the coming days.

The takeaway: we're working with experts in this field and we won't release an exploitable game.

$HONEY Tokenomics


$HONEY Giveaway

The $HONEY giveaway has ended. Thank to all participants. Check above to see if you were selected (need to be connected with your wallet).

Is there a whitelist?

While the $HONEY giveaway has ended there are still spots left on our whitelist (WL). WL can mint 1 - 6 mints and a discounted price 0.055 ETH. Go to our Discord and invite 5 of your friends there too to get a WL spot.